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A CAD Design and Drafting Services company, 2D Drafting India is committed to offer highest level of rebar detailing services and rebar drawings services through the use of our rebar detailer AutoCad drafting skills and expertise.

Rebar Detailing Services assist experienced rebar detailers

2D Drafting India has skilled and experienced rebar detailers who provides state of the art rebar detailing services and rebar drawings services to structural engineers, fabricators, erectors, architects, detailers, designers and general contractor at affordable rates. Our rebar and structure is experienced in designing both RCC and steel structures based on Indian, ACI, AS and BS Codes. Our rebar detailing services division is capable of producing more than hundreds of drawings a week meeting deadlines on some of the most aggressive construction program. They can cater to your every rebar detailing services requirements.

A rebar describe as reinforcing steel bar and is given ridges for better mechanical anchoring into the concrete. It is typically crafted from carbon steel and is given ridges for better mechanical fixing into the concrete. 2d drafting India has capacity to undertake any size of rebar detailing projects related to roof truss and joint details, concrete joint and slab details and retaining walls for residential, commercial, industrial areas to the across the world. Our mission is to provide accurate rebar detailing services in accordance to nationally recognized standards of practice.

Our expertise in rebar detailing services as below:

Our Rebar Detailers Expertise Areas:

  • Educations & Commercial Building
  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Chemical Plants
  • Heavy foundations
  • RCC Bridges
  • High Rise building
  • Concrete Masonry Structures
  • Parking Garrages

International Standards and Codes:

  • ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials)
  • ACI (American Concrete Institute)
  • CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • AS (Australian Standards)
  • BS (British Standards)

Our rebar detailing experts and reinforcement engineers are experienced on international projects. Our professional rebar detailers have successfully completed small large structural projects which include rebar detailing, concrete rebar detailing, steel rebar detailing, structural rebar detailing, steel detailing services, concrete reinforcement detailing, quantity estimation, placement drawings, rebar shop drawings and related services.

Contact us or send us email at info@2ddraftingindia.com for your any type of rebar detailing services or sample requirements and get maximum benefit of outsourcing rebar detailing projects.

Rebar Detailing Services  Rebar Detailing Services  Rebar Detailing Services
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